Thursday, September 27, 2012

Art Scam Alert

The asshole using the name Laura, and who uses the email is an art scammer; stay away from this mutant who tries to steal artwork from artists.

Last Resort

Being an old Navy guy, I watched ABC's new Navy-focused series Last Resort...

The problem in watching TV or movies with me is that whenever I am watching a show or movie with Navy characters, as a good Virgo, I am looking for something that TV or Hollywood can never achieve: true depiction of their naval subject.

Last Resort was an ass-kicking action show from the beginning and in spite of its rather unlikely plot, it moved well and kept my attention and I am looking forward to the next show.

There were (as usual) loads of HUGE naval errors that will have old and current Navy guys shaking our heads and saying "Why won't these fuckers hire a Naval advisor?" - I won't go all pedantic on you and start listing them, but someone should discuss with the producers of this show about the capabilities of the Tomahawk missile to start...

But of all the services, the Navy is the most traditional and a lot of Navy routines revolve around tradition and this show (like all Navy-centric TV shows that I've ever seen) display such a spectacular lack of awareness of simple Navy traditions and things that Virgos like me end with a bloody lip (from biting it) at the end of the show.

Having said that (I hate that "having said that" saying), I think that this is a damned good show and I am looking forward to seeing it and finding more technical Navy shit wrong with the show.


Check out this very young and talented High School artist passion and joy at being selected (by yours truly) for a very competitive national level fine arts competition at the New Wilmington Art Association in Delaware.

We can all learn from her; or better said, remember and rekindle what it was all about.