Sunday, November 04, 2012

Dexter screws up again...

Remember a few years ago when I got pissed because one of my favorite TV shows - Showtime's Dexter - got the Cuban dialect all wrong, and then screwed up even bigger when it assumed that Cubans are just Mexicans with a different name and assumed that Cubans ate burritos.

The latest episode of Dexter fucks up again, but manages to offend two Latin American people at once... first, when referring to Colombian criminals, in a scene it spells their nationality (on a police whiteboard) as "Columbians."

I guess Showtime doesn't know the difference between criminals from the District of Columbia and criminals from the fucking country known as Colombia; the people from there are known as "Colombians" to everyone on this planet but to the ignorant, uneducated writers from Dexter.

The second cultural and ignorant offense is (once again) dealing with the "Cuban food" roach coach that feeds Miami's best.

Evidence of Showtime's Dexter lack of cultural sensitivity

In this latest episode, I noticed that the sign on the roach coach spells out "Cucina Cubana" which is an interesting mixture (and misspelling) of the Italian (not Spanish) word for "kitchen" or "Cucina" and the real Spanish word for "kitchen" or "Cocina."

An "u" instead of an "o" makes a big cultural difference and the Dexter crew really needs to hire someone who lives in Miami and stop going by what Hollywood idiots pass for Miami.

Dear Dexter writers (or whoever is in charge of this fucking inept roach coach part in the series):
(a) there's no such thing as "burritos" in Cuban food and
(b) "Cucina" is Italian - NOT Spanish!

Makes my head hurt.

In just a couple of days...

Two more days and all those divisive, nasty, caustic, gagging, hateful, and dogmatic political postings by some of my FB friends will end...

I wish.