Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Montreal, Canada

souvenir window in Montreal, Canada
We're in Montreal, Canada, where the Professor is lecturing at a conference and I'm gallery hopping in order to write some impressions of Montreal art galleries, as well as meeting and delivering a commissioned piece to a local art collector.

We're staying in the old city, which is a great venue for walking with a stroller, although Little Junes' mom just informed him that she's weaning him out of the stroller pretty soon.

This is a great walking area, packed with tourists, entertainers and lots of people walking around with official-looking badges.

Lenny Campello drinking beer in Montreal, Canada, July 2012
But first things first, and first of all is some good Canadian suds at a local joint off Rue de la Commune accompanied by a nice salad with smoked salmon.

 Tan is compliments of all the time outdoors in the last few days checking out the hole in the roof and clearing out fallen branches from the back yard.

Of course, while waiting I did some sketches on the paper provided... in the end we ended with a set of sketches of Anderson as :
  • himself wearing his favorite orange Dolphins ball cap (gift from his padrino Jorge); 
  • Junes as a bird; 
  • Junes as a bicycle; 
  • Junes as a pepper shaker.

Sorry about all the food stains.

Heh, heh...