Monday, April 07, 2014

Art Scam Alert!

It is amazing to me how clearly scammish these emails are, and yet still how many artists bite and lose work to these mutants... Beware of this art scammer, who apparently lives in the new US state of Stockholm:
From:     Mr Edwin Martez (

Good day

We are interested in your Goods which you displayed in the site and we want to
purchase some of the products on this site for our ref. please send us more
information about your company for our ref. please send to our company
official email: address:

Best Regards

Mr Edwin Martez
Purchasing Manager
Edwin Associates
Address: 479 Allen Avenue,
By Charles Walter,
State : stockholm
Country : United States
Mobile Phone : 1-330-3436799

Gateway Arts District in jeopardy

The Dept of Housing and Community Development in Prince George's County have stated that they will not give a community development block grant to what have proven to be very effective arts and economic organizations in the Gateway Arts District.

County Council meetings are coming up Tuesday, Apr 8.

Even if you don't live in Prince George's County, this is the time to spend a few minutes and support an arts endeavor which has visible results.

Please sign here and say why you like visiting the Gateway Arts District.I've already done it!

Of the organizations that this affects and that is mentioned in the petition, and the PGC organization that I personally have had the most contact and sexperience with is the Gateway CDC, and I can testify that this hardworking lot already has had a profound positive impact not only on their surrounding community (already one of the largest concentration of artists' studios in the DMV) but also has become a key player in the visual arts tapestry of the DMV.

We need the CDC to keep working to improve PGC. Check out their web page for more info at :

Also, come to the Open Studio Tour 2014 on Saturday, May 10th. Also, organized by Gateway CDC, it features 100+ artists. It's just one of the many things the Gateway CDC is behind.