Sunday, February 06, 2011

Pack it in

The grub is ready, firewood chopped and in the fireplace, the beer and wine are chilled, Little Junes has his football sweater on, and now we just await the start of the game. I'm still smarting at the worst-officiated Super Bowl in history (Super Bowl XL) and so in an anti-Steeler mood.

My prediction? The Packers will send four wide receivers to spread the defense and make the Steelers' secondary quite vulnerable.

Packers 24-17.

Elise Campello reviewed again

She gets a nice shout out in this review in The Olympian.

On a more serious note, Elise Campello as Olive Ostrovsky sings beautifully and powerfully on “The I Love You Song” with backup by Moon and Anastasia, and in duet with Fry on “Second.”