Monday, May 07, 2012

The Incantation of Frida K

Here is "The Incantation of Frida K", which is both an homage in my obsessive interest in Kahlo as well as an homage to the wonderful American writer and poet Kate Braverman. This piece is now in the private collection of a well-known DMV area art collector in Chevy Chase, Maryland.

Here's the drawing - almost finished except for the text which will be added to the halo

Here is the cut-out from Kahlo's chest - it is in the shape of a heart with fangs - this is the window from which the video will play. The text around her halo is a passage from Braverman's book of the same title as this piece.
The Incantation of Frida K. The necklace around Kahlo's neck is a cluster of clues and images of bombs, skeletons, hidden images, penises, babies and even mathematical conjectures.
Another video shot of The Incantation of Frida K

Detail of the appropriated video, which comes from a home movie by an unknown person and shows Kahlo, almost as a black widow, about to ensnare a very young and frightened young girl. See the full video here.