Thursday, July 11, 2013

And the world's fattest country is...

Holy enchilada!

Mexico is the world's fattest country!

Que pasa gorditos?

Cough, cough...

The Talking Walls of Buenos Aires

graffitimundo presents the group exhibition "The Talking Walls of Buenos Aires"  Opening Saturday, July 13th at The Fridge in Washington DC. This will be the first time Argentina's unique urban art culture has been presented in the US. 

Urban art in Buenos Aires reflects the city's turbulent history and rich cultural heritage. Throughout the last century the city walls have been extensively painted by artists, activists, political groups and the public and have become an established and dynamic channel for expression.

During the last two decades several different artistic styles have developed. The devastating Argentine economic crisis of 2001 created a generation of young artists determined to take to the streets and reclaim their city. As they collaborated in a spirit of solidarity a new and distinctive visual language began to emerge.

"The Talking Walls of Buenos Aires" features mural art and original artworks from leading Argentine artists and art collectives, as well as video works and historical and contemporary photography portraying the urban landscape of Buenos Aires and seminal moments in the country's history.

The exhibition celebrates a form of expression rooted in activism and a desire to transform public space, and in the process challenges conventional views on what graffiti is, what street art represents, who creates it, and why.
Buenos Aires Stencil / Cabaio / Chu / Defi / DobleG / Ever / Fede Minuchin
Gualicho / Jaz / Malatesta / Mart / Pastel / Pedro Perelman / Poeta / Pum Pum / Roma
Sam / Sonni / Stencil Land / Tec / Tester

Event information
The “Talking Walls of Buenos Aires” will open at 6pm on July 13th 2013 at TheFridge, 516 1/2 8th Street SE, Washington, DC 20003

Wanna show at the (e)merge art fair?

Call for Submissions: WPA Member Work on Paper
Deadline: Monday, September 2, 2013 at 5pm
Work Drop-Off: September 16 - 20, 2013, 10am-6pm
Work Pick-Up: November 5 - 8, 2013 10am-6pm
Drop-off and Pick-Up Location: WPA Office, Capitol Skyline Hotel, Suite 434, 10 I (eye) Street, SW, Washington, DC
Exhibition Dates: September 27 - October 27, 2013
Exhibition Location: Capitol Skyline Hotel Lounge, 10 I (eye) Street, SW, Washington, DC
Contact: Blair Murphy, Program Director, 202-234-7103 x 1 or
Washington Project for the Arts is pleased to announce a call for 8" x 8" works on paper by WPA Member Artists to be on view and for sale as part of WPA's Hothouse series during the (e)merge art fair
Work will be exhibited in the Capitol Skyline Hotel Lounge from September 27 - October 27, 2013. All current WPA members are invited to submit one 8" x 8" work on paper. Work submitted MUST be 8" x  8" and must be delivered without a mat or frame. If a member artist wishes to submit a work that is smaller than 8" x 8", it must be submitted mounted to an 8" x 8" sheet of paper. WORK THAT IS LARGER THAN 8" X 8" WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

Work will be installed on the wall using removable adhesive mounting squares. When not displayed on the wall, work will be stored in acid free, archival sleeves and must fit into one of these sleeves. For heavy works or works on especially delicate or unusual paper, artists must provide an appropriate display mechanism. These could include adhesive squares or a display hook or gator clip attached to the back of the work. If you have any questions regarding this requirement, please contact Blair Murphy, Program Director, at 202-234-7103 x 1 or

Registration, Drop-off and Pick-up
Current WPA member artists who wish to participate must register online by September 2, 2013 at 5pm by submitting their contact info, cv, work details, and one image of the work they would like to include through this online form. Artists must be current WPA members in order to participate. You can join or renew your membership on the WPA website. 

All work must be dropped off at the WPA office at the Capitol Skyline Hotel, 10 I (eye) Street SW, Suite 434 between September 16 and September 20, from 10am to 6pm. You will be notified via email by November 1 if your work has sold. Unsold work must be picked up at the WPA office between November 5 and 8, from 10am to 6pm.

If you are unable to drop your work off in person, but would still like to participate or have any other questions regarding the submissions process, please contact Blair Murphy, Program Director, at 202-234-7103 x 1 or

Artist Agreement
WPA Member Artists who participate must agree to the following term. 
By submitting to WPA's Member Work on Paper Exhibition, you agree to the following conditions: All work included in WPA's Member Works on Paper Exhibition must be for sale. Work that is sold will be given to patrons to take with them upon purchase. Washington Project for the Arts will take a 30% commission on works that are sold. Work will be insured by WPA while it is in WPA's possession. Unsold work must be picked up at the WPA office by November 8, 2013. WPA will not be held responsible for the work after that date. I hereby release the WPA, its Directors, employees and volunteers and agree to indemnify and hold them harmless against all claims arising out of damage to my artwork arising in connection with my participation in the WPA Member Work on Paper Exhibition. 

About Hothouse
Hothouse is a new series of exhibitions, installations, and events organized by Washington Project for the Arts that takes place in the Capitol Skyline Hotel Lounge. Created as a way to provide new opportunities for WPA member artists and forge new connections within DC's creative communities, Hothouse will present member-initiated programming on a regular basis.