Monday, September 08, 2014

BODY/BUILDING at Maurine Littleton

The Maurine Littleton Gallery will be presenting BODY/BUILDING.... a group interdisciplinary exhibit of thought, architecture and art.


Featuring the work of Erwin Eisch, Nancy Genn, Sergei Isupov, Iliya Isopov, DMV ├╝ber artist Michael Janis, Richard Jolley, Dorothy Simpson Krause, David Dodge Lewis, Stanislav Libensky, Colin Reid, Ginny Ruffner, Joe Sanders, Holis Sigler, James Tanner and Therman Statom.

BODY/BUILDING... From the press release: "investigates radically different subject matter approached with similar sensibilities. Exploring human and architectural forms through Vitreographs (prints made from glass plates), ceramics and glass sculpture, each artist conveys structure & relationships in literal, figurative and poetic terms.


The human form and its relationship to the things we make, has transfixed architect and artist a like for centuries. The ancient Roman architect Vitruvius believed the precise mathematical relationships that exist in the human body should be followed in architecture. Plato opined that by defining a singular human archetype, it was possible to create environments that would be universally appealing and accessible to all. As our identities become more complex and our relationships with each other more interconnected, mankind still seeks to find a harmony where the body and space blurs.


Alternately eloquent and visceral, BODY/BUILDING offers a collection of what most fascinates us: our bodies, our buildings and our relationships. The works contained within are inclined to represent just enough so that we, the viewer, are encouraged/obliged to imagine the rest: the rest of the building, the rest of the body, but most importantly, the rest of the story."


Maurine Littleton Gallery

1667 Wisconsin Ave. N.E.; Washington, DC

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