Friday, December 03, 2021

Art Basel Day Five: The Weekend Begins

It's Friday! By 11AM we're on duty and people begin to flow to SCOPE.  I am always entertained by "art fair people." They are as much an integral and positive and creative part of the art scene in Miami as the art itself.

Here are some that I captured in some cool photos...

I was particularly struck by how this spectacular beauty resembled an Elfin Queen and arranged for a couple of quick poses as she agreed to pose in exchange for a portrait of her as an Elfin Queen.

Elfin Queen of SCOPE 2021

By late noon, Michael Janis and Tony Porto begin to work a deal with a very young curator of a major United Arab Emirates-based company.  The email image exchanges begin - let's see how the deal pans out!

I've continued to sell my Bisque drawings well... there's only a handful left on the wall.

By the late afternoon my first major sale occurs, when a local doctor acquires a large painting on paper on the thematic theme of the Superhero-curated booth - this piece is staying in Miami.

The Day that Supergirl decided to show the world her tattooes by CAMPELLO at SCOPE Art Basel 2021
The Day that Supergirl decided to show the world her tattooes
Mixed Media Painting on 600 weight paper,36x36 inches, c. 2021

Later on some very nice collectors from Fredicksburg show up and buy half a dozen prints from the 1980s when I was in Art School at the University of Washington - they also fill my bucket with their smiles and appreciation for art.