Sunday, December 13, 2009

Mera Rubell Studio Visit

Later today, Ms. Mera Rubell, one of the world's best-known art collectors, and whose Miami space, The Rubell Family Collection, features her and her husband's well-known art collection, will be making a studio visit to my studio in Potomac.

This is of course, both an honor and a spectacular opportunity to expose my work to one of the world's premier art collectors.

One fly in the ointment.

When I discovered this on Thursday afternoon, I was ecstatic. Then I realized that all of my work is in storage in Miami as it will be featured by Philadelphia's Projects Gallery in the Miami International Art Fair in January.

I had no current work to show Mera Rubell.

So from 3:30 AM on Friday to 9:00 AM this morning (with the exception of a Xmas shopping visit to the Gateway Arts District Open Studios yesterday), I locked myself in my studio and produced the below drawings to show Rubell later this Sunday.

Che Guevara by F. Lennox Campello

"Asere, Si o No?" 19"x48" Charcoal on Paper

This is a huge charcoal drawing of Ernesto "Che" Guevara de la Serna Lynch. Che is to the left in a very Christ-like pose. behind him, a slogan or graffiti on the wall asks the question in Cuban slang: "Asere, Si o No?" which means "Friend, Yes or No? The capital letters answer the question by spelling out ASESINO or assasin. This is the second version of this concept.

Che Guevara's betrayer

Finalmente Denunciamos a el que traiciono al Che (Finally we denounce he who betrayed Che). 4 x 24 inches. Charcoal on paper

The Spanish words announce that "finally we denounce who betrayed Che." The capital letters answer the statement: FIDEL.

Age of Obama - Nobel Peace Prize

"Age of Obama - Nobel Peace Prize" Charcoal on Paper. 16x12 inches.

In this piece, the figure is tattooed with the text of Pres. Obama's acceptance speech for the Nobel Peace Prize. Selected parts of the speech tell a story.

Make Obama King

"Woman who thinks that the tattoo that she just got reads 'Bring Bush Back'" Charcoal and Conte on Paper. 14"x10"

I couldn't resist doing a humorous piece. That's just the way that I am.

True Believer, Obama in 2012

"True Believer" 22 x 14 inches. Charcoal and Colored Pencils on Paper.

Click on the image for more detail, but the tattoo in her arm, the updated part still bleeding, tells the whole story.

Superman Flying Naked

"Superman flying naked and close to the ground in order to avoid NORAD radar." Charcoal on Paper. 20x24 inches.

So I couldn't resist another touch of humor. This is from my series of naked superheroes.

Fallen Angel

"Fallen Angel." Charcoal on Paper. 21 x 11 inches.

Pictish Woman

"Pictish Woman" Charcoal on Paper. 14 x 9 inches.

That's it! I'm exhausted but happy. Wish me luck!

Join me today over at Neptune

Some join me today starting at 2 PM at the gorgeous Neptune Gallery in Bethesda.

The event starts with a presentation and tasting with Cacao, fine European Chocolates, immediately followed by "A Conversation with Lenny Campello" in which I will answer any and all questions about anything dealing with art: framing, approaching galleries, collectors, collecting, etc. or even about the art fairs and how to get your gallery to do them, or even some guerrilla tactics on the subject.

Open forum, any and all questions answered if I know the answer.

See ya there!