Monday, June 05, 2006


To my good friend Jeffry Cudlin from the Washington City Paper, who has been nominated for the Association of Alternative NewsWeeklies Awards (for art criticism).

Bethesda Art Walk

This next Friday, June 9, is the second Friday of the month and thus it's the Bethesda Art Walk with 13 participating venues and with free guided tours.

We will host the finalists for the $14,000 Bethesda Painting Award Prizes. There will be an opening reception for the finalists at the Fraser Gallery from 6-9PM.

See the finalists here.

See ya there!

At Nevin Kelly

Two really good DC area artists, Sondra N. Arkin and Mary Beth Ramsey open at the Nevin Kelly Gallery this coming Thursday with an opening reception from 6-9PM.

Tape Dude in New York City

Mark Jenkins just keeps getting better and bolder. Check out his latest New York City project here.


I feel like I've been driving for years! I've just arrived in Norfolk for a meeting. Tons of stuff to discuss and post.

Meanwhile have fun with hotel art.