Thursday, May 06, 2021

East City Art launches their Artist Directory!

After six months of development, the East City Art team has just finished the ECA Artist Directory which provides an alternative to WPA's soon to be discontinued art file. 

As one of the requestors, the directory was created at the request of many artists who wished to see it continue.

Here is the link - CLICK HERE.

ECA soft launched it last week and it officially went public Friday, April 30. Here are some of the Directory's features:

- Self-serve with a user-friendly interface. Artists can link to their payment processor and ECA never takes a commission

- Artists can post their artist statement, CV, website, social media, coming exhibitions

- This is tied to ECA and function as a classifieds section of ECA, benefiting from ECA's traffic

- The new ECA site is scheduled to launch May 24 and will have a cleaner plug-in to the directory

- Speaking of traffic, the directory will be fine-tuned for SEO. Online and social media ads will feature Directory. They are also planning systematic promotions and communications to ensure continued Directory interest.

- The cost is $120 per year.   

ECA is a jewel of the DMV art scene - let's now support it!