Monday, January 09, 2006

Gender Bias

Edna V. Harris, who pens Anonymous Female Artist (a.k.a. Militant Art Bitch) is having a fascinating online conversation with Biennial co-curator Chrissie Iles on the subject of gender bias at the Whitney.

Read it all here. Keep at 'em Edna!

Heather on PostSecret

Heather over at Two Timing the Cosmos has an excellent review of the PostSecret exhibition and also some good photos. See it all here.

And Heather's friend Chai, has some equally intelligent comments on the whole PostSecret phenomenom here.

Huge lines

As I drove around M Street on Saturday afternoon, I couldn't believe my eyes at the huge line outside the PostSecret exhibition waiting to see the show! If this show doesn't or didn't make your own Top Ten list, then I really think that you ought to consider the fact that the last time that anyone lined up to see a visual arts show in DC was for a dude named Vermeer, and previous to that for Van Gogh; now add Frank Warren to the list.

I wonder if Warren is considering traveling this show to other venues?

Amy Lin saw the lines as well and took some photos; see one below:
line waiting to see Frank Warren's PostSecret exhibition

The book, PostSecret Extraordinary Confessions from Ordinary Lives compiled by Frank Warren, with a foreword by Anne C. Fisher, Ph.D. is today number 27 in Amazon's best-seller list!


Rejected from the 2006 Northern Virginia Fine Arts Festival, which really sucks, since it's one of my biggest (personal) moneymaking oulets for my own work.

It's staged by the Greater Reston Arts Center in Virginia. Later this year I will be curating "Text: Phase II" for them, bringing together again the artists who were in the Text gallery at Seven.