Saturday, December 07, 2019

Art Basel Miami Beach week: The Saturday report

The day started with the usual gorgeous view from my friends' condo and then it went bananas from there... cough... cough...

View from Bel Aire, 16th floor in Miami Beach

Cattelan banana after it was eaten - Art Basel Miami Beach 2019 meme

Saturdays are usually the busiest days at the planet's primary art venue week... today Pulse debuted a discussion panel in Spanish, with me, blue chip artist Sandra Ramos and art consultant Tessie Penin.

Tim Tate, Lennox Campello and Sandra Ramos at Pulse Art Fair 2019 Miami Beach
Tim Tate and Sandra Ramos
The subject of the discussion was my now over 10-year-old discussion "On Identity in the Arts: What does it mean to be Latino/a?" and it went really well, with Ramos and Penin adding really substantial points to this issue.

As it had been doing for the first two days, Michael Janis' main piece in the fair was receiving a lot of attention, and by the end of the night, two separate art consultants had placed it in their list to showcase to their clients.

Michael Janis at Pulse Art Fair 2019 Miami Beach
Work by Michael Janis
The wall of drawings of unfired Bisque kept selling well throughout the day as well... and I re-arranged it to shrink it a little...

Campello drawings on unfired Bisque at Pulse Art Fair 2019 Miami Beach
Campello drawings on unfired Bisque