Friday, March 23, 2018

Montgomery County is buying art!

I'm not gonna take all the credit --- but, if you recall from multiple postings last year, I corresponded with all MoCo politicos last year and tried to shame one of the planet's wealthiest county's lack of support for its artists...

And now:

AHCMC and the Montgomery County Public Art Trust are proud to announce the 2018 Call for Art: The Contemporary Works on Paper Collection!
This call seeks paper-based works including paintings in various media, drawings in various media, photographs, mixed media, and limited edition prints from artists in Montgomery county and the Greater Washington region. 
These artworks should help create inspiring spaces that foster innovation, creative excellence and personal reflection.
Artwork in this collection is owned by Montgomery County under the County’s Public Art Trust program and loaned to County agencies for display in public buildings.
The Public Art Trust is especially interested in artworks that reflect the unique and diverse character of Montgomery County.

The full call-for-art is available here: