Saturday, February 10, 2024

Opportunity for Miniature artists: show at a New York City art fair!

Bottom Line Up Front: An opportunity for DMV area miniature artists to have their work curated into a world-class art fair in New York City this coming Fall.

Summary: I have been retained by Ramsay Fairs, a British-based art fair empire that runs art fairs in the United States, Asia and Europe to curate a wall of miniature art to be exhibited and sold at the Affordable Art Fair New York City this coming Fall.

Ramsay Fairs is one of the biggest art fair organisers globally, running 19 fairs a year with over ¼ million visitors. Through a portfolio of art fairs that includes Affordable Art Fair, VOLTA and British Art Fair, we inspire people to collect and enjoy art at every level. 
Preview Night of the 2023 Affordable Art Fair NYC
Preview Night of the 2023 Affordable Art Fair NYC

Definition of miniature art: I am educated by this Council for the Arts website that a: 

"commonly accepted American guideline among many of today's miniaturists is that subjects do not exceed one-sixth their natural size. Exceptions are permitted for abstractions or tiny subjects not lending themselves to the "one-sixth" application provided they Embrace the delicate essence and spirit of miniaturism."

Our own Miniature Painters, Sculptors & Gravers Society of Washington, D.C. (MPSGS), which has been around since 1931 adds:

This unique art form, based on a minute scale, traces its roots back to the book paintings and illuminated manuscripts set in the 7th century. A work of fine art in miniature is a particularly personal object that draws the viewer into an intimate, concentrated little world that is breathtaking in its execution. Every single detail is miniaturized -- the scale of the subject matter, the brush or pencil strokes -- so that only with high magnification can one behold the immaculate details of the artist's technique which may include stippling, hatching, or pointillism. These techniques are a specialized means of producing a perfect balance of color and detail in a series of thinly applied layers of exquisite color intended to reflect light. The miniatures show a high standard of design and the artist's mastery of the chosen media and palette.

For this exhibition, no 2D framed work shall be larger (including frame) that 8x10 5x7 inches and any 3D work cannot be longer than six (6) inches in any direction.

I plan to have two rounds of jurying:

1. Initially I will selecting semi-finalists from digital images - either emailed to me, or available online once a link is provided. Each artist can submit up to three works for consideration.

2. I will then review all round one selected artworks for in-person review of the actual work to ensure that the actual artwork meets professional presentation standards as demanded by the art fair guidelines.

3. This round two review will be done at a local art gallery or space (to be announced later) with ease of access and parking, etc. This means that the work will have to be brought in - not shipped for this round of final review.

At this point I will sign for and keep all selected works and pack them for transportation to the fair. Each work will be identified by:

  • Artist's name
  • Title of work
  • Media
  • Year
  • Price
All work must be for sale.  50% of all sale proceeds will go the artist and the remaining 50% will go to a local New York City charity to be selected by the art fair staff at a later date.

Cost to enter the process: Free

Selected work will be driven to the fair by me, installed by me at the fair, and all sales will be run by the gallery at the fair.  Artists will be paid within a week after the fair and provided with the full contact details of the purchaser.

Unsold works will be returned at a selected date after the fair, and must be picked up in person; there will be no shipping back to artist options.

More later... I will design and upload an entry form which artists can use as a reference once the delivery/pick-up locations have been solidified; meanwhile if you have any questions, please send me an email to