Friday, December 07, 2018

Art Basel Miami Week: Friday!

Friday is usually the beginning of when the photo-takers and collectors begin to flow back and buy art.

A first happened yesterday and was closed today: We actually made an Artsy-aided sale!

Here's how it breaks down...

Last night, late into the night, as the beach wind whistled past my fifth floor windows at the Hollywood Towers in Hallandale Beach (or are we in Fort Lauderdale Beach?), I got an email from Artsy.
---- Please Respond Above This Line -----
Hi, I’m interested in purchasing this work immediately. I saw it at Art Basel this afternoon and fell in love with it. 
Please contact me at 561-XXX-XXXX as soon as possible so I may purchase it. 
Thank you So much!

About this collector:
XXXXXXX has been an Artsy member since December 2018.
This artwork is on view at CONTEXT Art Miami 2018 through Dec 9.

F. Lennox Campello
Daphne II, 2018 
Charcoal and Conte on Paper 

Contact For Price
This is an inquiry sent through Artsy regarding interest in the work “Daphne II” (2018) by F. Lennox Campello. Please respond to this inquiry by replying directly to this email.
And there was no scam here... it was the real thing - so this work was sold to a very nice lady from Boca Raton who first saw it at the fair, and emailed and image to her daughter, who then found it on Artsy's page on the Context Art Miami fair and contacted us to reserve it for her mother!

We also managed a nice sale of two of uberartist Michael Janis' scraffito works to a nice Villanova couple.

Saturday next...