Sunday, December 10, 2006

Bailey on Hotel Art

Bailey's take on my hotel art jihad "intervention" of the 70's, 80's and 90's is here.

I may be also tempted to find some of the slides that I took of some of the "pre" and "post" work and digitize them and put them up just to see if anybody has run into them.

I am also tempted to also put out a new fatwah call for a 21st century "art intervention project" against hotel art and re-kindle the strategic replacement of hotel art by original art.

Unfortunately, these days hotels seem to think that the "wall decor" that they hang in their rooms need to be protected from walking away, and are so well secured to the walls, that it is nearly impossible to remove them from the wall, although there must be a trick to it, for what does a hotelier do they do if they have to either change it or replace a broken glass, etc.

Let me think on this...

World's youngest art blogger?

Could be Violet-Craghead Way, who is 18 months old and her blog is here.

Looking South

ArtInfo reports on what has been the ABMB trend for years - art collectors are looking to Latin America more and more. Details here.

Even in the DC area, Latin American art has been hot for a while, and no one was hotter when I was a gallerist there than Cuban artists Sandra Ramos and Aimee Garcia Marrero, both of whom are currently exhibiting all over the planet and who will exhibiting again in the DC area this coming May at the Fraser Gallery.