Friday, February 24, 2012

Coincidence or one great artist borrowing from another?

I know that I am a pedantic Virgo.

But I also know that seldom there are coincidences when things look a little "too close."

Below is the new video (and megahit) by American uberstar (of Cuban ancestry) Gloria Estefan... check out what happens around 20-23 seconds into the video...

Now see below the artwork of Cuban artist Aimee Garcia Marrero... well-known to Cuban art collectors (and she should be, as she's one of the really talented, young multiple-threat artists); and the Estefans are Cuban art collectors... but judge for yourself:

Aimee Garcia Marrero

Aimee Garcia Marrero
Probably a coincidence from one brilliant mind... and yet, I have a rule about coincidences...