Monday, November 24, 2014

Who's going to ABMB this year?

The below list is courtesy of The Center for the Creative Economy

DC Area Artists - Art Basel Miami - 2014

Jennifer Jacobs, Aqua Art Miami Director
(T) 503.810.7903

Mayer Fine Arts - Aqua Art Miami
Judith Peck (with Mayer Fine Arts at Aqua Art Miami)
Victoria Gaitan (with Mayer Fine Arts at Aqua Art Miami)

Morton Fine Art - Aqua Art Miami
Stephon Senegal (Morton Fine Art, Aqua Art Miami)
Victor Ekpuk (Morton Fine Art, Aqua Art Miami)

Hamiltonian Gallery - Aqua Art Miami -
Joshua Haycraft <> (Hamiltonian Gallery at Aqua)
Annette  Isham <> (Hamiltonian Gallery at Aqua)

VENUE Context Art Miami

Alida Anderson Art Projects - Context Art Miami
Audrey Wilson (with Alida Anderson at Context Art Miami)
Lenny Campello (with Alida Anderson at Context Art Miami)

Curator’s Office – Context Art Miami
Larry Cook <> (Curator's Office at Miami Context Art Miami)

VENUE Latin American Art Pavilion

Latin American Art Pavilion
Joan Belmar (The Latin American Art Pavilion at Red Dot Art Fair) curated by Dennys Matos

Contact: Prizm Art Fair in Miami and the founder director is Mikhaile Solomon
Wesley Clark
Amber Robles Gordon
Jamea Richmond Edwards
Irene Clouthier,
Adrienne Gaither

VENUE Art Miami
Connersmith Contemporary
Erik Thor Sandberg

DC Area Galleries
Alida Anderson Art Projects
Connersmith Contemporary
Morton Fine Art - MFA Amy Morton
Curator's Office
Mayer Fine Arts

Miami Organizations that have shown DC artists via application (Note: Aqua Art Miami doesn’t show individual artists, but only galleries via a rigorous application process; however, in the past they have vetted individual performance artists)

From Holly Bass - Map from 2012 - Beginners Guide to Art Base Miami

Beginner's guide to Art Basel: