Thursday, May 03, 2012

Taking a chance

 Los Angeles conceptual artist John Baldessari discusses how he brought slides of his early text paintings from gallery to gallery all over Manhattan and faced rejection at each one, until Michael Findlay offered him a place in a group show - which was the artist’s first ever New York showing and his second gallery show ever!
“The problem for any dealer is to be the first person to take a chance on an artist,” Mr. Baldessari said. “Most dealers wait for someone else to take a chance and then they poach from the other gallery. It’s very difficult to go out on a limb for an untested artist..."
 -  John Baldessari
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I recently had the honor and pleasure of reviewing a lot of gorgeous artwork for the Capitol Hill Art League's May juried competition. As usual, this is hard but rewarding work.

 The opening reception for this exhibition and my juror's talk is
on Saturday May 12 with an opening party 5-7pm and the juror's talk at 5:30pm.

The award winners are:

First Place:  Sonia Robed, Jacqueline Saunders,   Watercolor 
Second Place: Candice No. 100, John Reef, Pigment PrintThird Place: Slumber Party, Fierce Sonia, Photo on Acrylic
Fourth Place: Koan Run, Latex on Wood, Patricia Goslee

Honorable Mention Awards:
Galadi, Russ McIntosh, Digital Photo Illustration
Birth of an Island, Tati Valle-Riestra, Watercolor

Sonia Robed, Watercolor by Jacqueline Saunders

Candice No. 100, Pigment Print by John Reef

Slumber Party, Photo on Acrylic by Fierce Sonia