Thursday, April 23, 2020

Explore a Post-Pandemic District or Connect with Local Artists on Facebook

Check out this great little blurb by Lou Jacobson in the Washington City Paper about what artists are doing online during the Covidian Age and its associated Coronavirulization of Art!

Read it here!

Art I am looking at every day - COVID19

That DMV area jewel known as Judith Olivia Heartsong has created a very cool Facebook page for everyone to share some of the artwork that is helping them to survive the quarantine of the Covidian Age.

See it here.

I've been posting including...

I generally do not hang much of my own work in my house - this piece is one of the exceptions: It is a rather large Frida Kahlo portrait collage done in 1979 at a collage class by Prof. Jacob Lawrence when I was a student at the University of Washington School of Art. I used it both for the collage class and for a portrait class project... I used paper from art magazines of that year, and the pieces all have clues about Frida's life and impact... she wasn't as well-known back then...