Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Off and On...

A painting by African-American artist Kara Walker has gone back on display at Newark Library.
The artwork had been covered almost immediately after it was first shown because library workers found it offensive.
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 This is not the first time black viewers have expressed disapproval of Walker's imagery. In 1997, artist Betye Saar led a campaign against Walker's work, sending letters to people in the art world, asking, "Are African-Americans being betrayed under the guise of art?"
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Makes my head hurt...

The California woman accused of slaughtering her ex-boyfriend at his Arizona home in a gruesome "Fatal Attraction"-style attack has made more than $1,000 hawking her jailhouse artwork online.
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Hang her high...

Original student-era Keith Haring mural discovered

In the market for some new digs? Check out this 8,200 square foot TriBeCa maisonette, complete with three floors, 19th century adornments, double floor ceilings, factory windows and an original student-era Keith Haring mural.
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Audrey Wilson

One of the most pleasant surprises that I had in doing the Aqua Art Fair last December in Miami Beach (other than record sales, which is always a good thing), was how efficient and hardworking Audrey Wilson, the gallery's intern for the fair and current intern at the Washington Glass School was. But the real surprise was the beauty and intelligence of her work (which we displayed in Miami and sold well!).

Here's Audrey Wilson's current productions - buy some now.

Blue Book for a Woman's Revenge by Audrey Wilson
Bluebook for a Woman's Revenge
Kiln formed tempered glass, found metal, latex
H 9'' W 8'' D 7''
Mechanically Activated Patent US1680 by Audrey Wilson
Mechanically Activated Patent US1680
Kiln formed tempered glass, found metal
H 5'' W 4'' D 6''

Quadratically Coupled Optomechanical Doubled Wing by Audrey Wilson
Quadratically Coupled Optomechanical Doubled Wing
Pate de verre kiln formed glass, found metal, latex
H 7' W 7'' D 6''

Broken Enigma Number Two by Audrey Wilson
Broken Enigma Number Two
Kiln formed tempered glass, found object
H 18' W 18''
In a private collection in New York