Saturday, February 25, 2012

Wilmer Wilson IV at Conner

One of the young artists whom I've been advising all of you to keep an eye on, Wilmer Wilson IV will be making his debut at Conner/*gogo art projects this coming May (I know that this is a long way away, but I want to make sure that you all start planning it now); the show is titled “Domestic Exchange:”

In this new work, the artist engages issues of identity and race by appropriating the brown paper bag as a cultural symbol identified with bag lunches, alcohol and skin color. Wilson amassed dozens of inflated bags to construct a monumental sculpture with undulating, fleshy forms. On the opening day of the exhibition, from 5 to 8pm, Wilson will present a durational performance: “From My Paper Bag Colored Heart.” Exploring the history of the paper bag as an indicator of racial color, Wilson enacts a liminal struggle between freedom and self-destruction.
There will be an opening night reception, Saturday, May 17h from 6 to 8pm. Artists in attendance.

Wilmer Wilson’s performance will begin at 5pm on Saturday, March 17th and culminate during the opening reception (6-8pm).