Thursday, August 05, 2021

Remembering Washington DC Sculptor, Nancy Frankel

 From Margery Goldberg...

Nancy Frankel (1929-2021)

Mother, Grandmother, artist, sculptor, teacher, friend, mentor, and extraordinary person who never said a unkind word about anyone.

It was my pleasure meeting Nancy at the Katzen Center opening of her exhibition, Nancy at Ninety, a retrospective of seven decades of work as Nancy celebrated her ninetieth birthday in 2019. Later that year Zenith Gallery held an exhibition at 1111 Pennsylvania Ave NW called Organic, showing Nancy's sculpture with another Zenith Gallery artist, Anne Marchand. Nancy was a complete delight to work with and had so many of her friends and admirers come to her opening.

In 2020 we sold her largest sculpture called “The Conversation” to the University of Durham in Durham England. 

I am so thrilled by the outpouring of love and support from around the country for Nancy. She will be sincerely missed by everyone who knew her.

We are blessed that her art will live on for centuries if not millenniums. 

Nancy said of her work, "I use organic geometry to give form to my love of nature and architecture. My work as been one long meditation, an effort to get past the surface aspects of reality to find deeper meaning.

Over the years I have worked with a variety of materials, according to the needs of my particular focus at the time. In turn, these different materials have their own demands, often causing me to think and work in new ways.

My sculptures come in many sizes for both interior and exterior environments.

Whether large or small, dynamic or serene, an explosion of forms, or a gentle curve answering another within a single piece, I hope my work communicates a sense of joy and wonder."