Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Artists' Websites: Michelle Banks

Michelle Banks
DMV artist Michelle Banks is one of the hardest working artists around the region.

Her work explores the marriage of art and science in a visual representation that maximizes the artistry of science and the science of visual art.

While many artists complaint about lack of opportunities, Banks grabs them by the horns and you can see her work several times a year around the region.

She writes:
Art and science may seem like opposites, but they can form beautiful partnerships. My work draws on biology, anatomy and neuroscience to produce paintings and collages that celebrate colors and forms that can often be seen only under a microscope.
You can find her artwork at the following local events this year:

September 12
17th Street Festival
Washington, DC

September 26
Barracks Row Fall Festival
Washington, DC

October 3
Art on the Avenue
Alexandria, VA

October 4
McLean Project for the Arts, Artfest
McLean, VA

If you can't make it to a festival, you can visit her online shop at Artologica.