Monday, May 21, 2012

Mussels, Russians, Pigs and a Blue Crab

The story: We're at the Blue Crab Restaurant in Bethany Beach, waiting for two big plates of mussels to be delivered and a crab cake for Little Junes, when the Russian waitress brings over a box of crayons for the little guy.

Two things flash through my mind: We're told that jobs are very difficult to find, especially for young people, so how come it seems that throughout the Mid Atlantic, all beach season jobs are filled by hard working, good looking young Russian girls and boys?

They travel a million miles from their frozen tundras to bust their buts in the Eastern seaboard's beach shops, restaurants and pools; where are our local good looking boys and girls? Not that I blame the Russians, I mean, would you rather be freezing your tuchis in Siberia or dishing out mussels in Bethany Beach?

But you get my point...

But let's get back on track with this post... ahem... so the other thing that crossed my mind was to kidnap some of Little Junes' crayons and start my own art project while we wait for our food.

At some point the pretty Russian waitress noticed and she brought over a second box of crayons and then I really went to town.

 Below is "Two Pigs Looking at a Red Crab", crayons on tablecloth kraft paper, circa 2012.

Food stains were accidentally added while the delicious mussels were being eaten...

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