Saturday, April 22, 2006

PostSecret Talk and Booksigning

On Saturday, April 29, 2006 the Fraser Gallery is honored to host Frank Warren, sole founder, curator of the PostSecret Project and editor of the best-selling book of the same title. Commencing at 7PM, and as part of the Bethesda Literary Festival, Warren will be discussing the project and the book and signing copies of the book (bring your own or available for sale at the gallery).

Frank Warren is the sole founder and curator of the PostSecret Project, a collection of over 30,000 highly personal and artfully decorated postcards mailed anonymously from around the world, displaying the soulful secrets we never voice.

A New York Times best seller, PostSecret: Extraordinary Confessions from Ordinary Lives (ReganBooks) is Warren’s first book. In 2006, his PostSecret website (which receives over 3,000,000 visitors every month) was awarded six weblog awards including "Best American Blog" and "Blog of the Year."

His WPA/C exhibition of PostSecret cards was called by the Washington Post "One of the five best art shows in 2005."

Warren has appeared on the Today Show, 20/20, CNN, MSNBC, CBC, NPR and Fox News. USA Today called Warren: "An award winning Blogger, a first-time author, an artist with a traveling exhibit, a possible documentary subject, the inspiration for a music video and the all-around media ‘it’ boy of the moment."

In 2005 The All American Rejects approached Warren about using images of actual PostSecret images in their "Dirty Little Secret" music video. They offered Warren $1,000 but instead he asked them to donate $2,000 to 1(800)SUICIDE where Warren is a volunteer. The donation was made and the music video became one of the most requested on MTV. The National Mental Health Association will be presenting Warren with an award later this year for his work in raising public awareness about suicide.

Warren continues to receive between 100 and 200 postcards everyday. He updates his website on Sundays and is working to produce four more PostSecret books.

Germantown, Maryland is where Warren, his wife and 11 year-old daughter call home. He continues to call himself an "accidental artist" because he has no artist background or training. "I have been asked many times why I started this. It still feels to me as though this project found me. All I try to do is make the right decisions every day to protect the integrity of the project – and learn to trust the journey."

The discussion and book-signing is free and open to the public and will start promptly at 7PM. To reserve a copy of the book call the gallery at 301/718-9651 or email us at

Affordable Studio Space

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One more opening

In addition to all the openings listed here, there's one more opening taking place tomorrow, Sunday April 23: Harvardwood, DC launches itself at Project 4 Gallery on U Street this Sunday, April 23, from 4 to 5:30 p.m. as they are hosting a special viewing of Terrie Pipa's oil and watercolor exhibit "Small Gestures." The launch party is free.


This is a new high in pettiness.