Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Which Art Fairs Attract the Most Visitors?

The number of visitors is a good indication of the chances of success of an art fair, not the only one, but certainly one of the key indicators. And some of the best-known art fairs are not necessarily the best-attended, but nonetheless rank at the top of the art fair food chain.
... a total of 1,032,729 people attended the world's top 20 art fairs in 2014. The best attended fair was ARCO Madrid, which attracted 92,000 visitors, followed by Art Miami, which attracted 82,5000 visitors, and Art BA, Buenos Aires, which attracted 77,000 visitors. 

The lower end of the table is occupied primarily by specialist fairs such as Paris Photo/LA, which attracted 12,000 visitors, Affordable Art Fair NY, which also attracted 12,000 visitors, and The Salon: Art + Design, which attracted 8,000 visitors.
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By the way, we'll be at the Affordable Art Fair New York (March 25-29), booth 1.37, showcasing the work of Jodi Walsh, Anne Marchand and Georgia Nassikas.