Friday, June 22, 2012

Michael O'Sullivan's Artomatic Picks

Michael O'Sullivan is the Washington Post's art critic and certainly the one art critic who has been there the longest, thus giving him an experienced and deep eye and knowledge about the DMV art scene. Below are his AOM picks in alphabetical order followed by the floor where the artist is exhibiting:
M. Helene Baribeau (mixed media knit sculpture) 04
Stephanie Booth (photography/needlework) 09
Brash (poetry) everywhere
Peter Byer (illustration) 08
Justin Cameron (installation) 08
Valeria Caflisch (painting and mixed media sculpture) 07
David D’Orio (glass and mixed media sculpture) 08
Cavan Fleming (painting) 04
Eric Gordon/DC Creepers (drawing) 11
Kelly Guerrero (sculpture) 08
James Halloran (painting) 08
Dale Hunt (painting) 09
Rose Jaffe (drawing) 02
Glen Kessler (painting/pastel) 01
Paul Mericle (painting) 07
Greg Minah (painting) 03
Cory Oberndorfer (painting) 11
Thomas Petzwinkler (photography/video) 10
Lynn Putney (painting) 08
Henrik Sundqvist (printmaking) 08
Christian Tribastone (drawings/works on paper) 09
Edmond van der Bijl (sculpture) 02
Steve Wanna (mixed media/installation)09
Stephanie J. Williams (painting) 08
Joanna Knox Yoder (photography) 11