Thursday, January 02, 2014


Transformations exhibition with Megan Peritore, Mary Freedman, Jackie Hoysted and 
Lisa Rosenstein in the Galleries at Takoma Park Community Center.  
Where:  Galleries at Takoma Park Community Center
7500 Maple Avenue, Takoma Park MD
When:  Thursday, January 9, 7-9 pm

Brutal drive

The drive home tonight was brutal in the snow with DMV drivers!

I was coming from the north, and 95 South was looking pretty grim and WMAL was hollering about how bad the beltway was, so I took 32 West to 29 South and then onto the new and super-expensive Intercounty (or whatever it is called) Connector (MD 200), which as usual, was deserted, which tonight was a good thing.

Because there was no one on it, the snow was piling up a little more and that was rather interesting, but I got off at Rockville Pike and then headed down 355 South, which was also pretty empty heading South and miserable going North... "it's all good," I'm thinking, but nonetheless fearing what may happen once I get into my own hood; after all, the Soviet Socialist Republic of Montgomery never clears, or salts my street, and some of my neighbors seem to want to drive around our hilly neighborhood whenever it starts snowing.

Not to disappoint me, the last few blocks were the most dangerous... the snow had accumulated, and there was at least one neighbor trying to make an U-turn on a snowy downhill road... Feh!

A few skids later, a few cuss words later, the old Vanster and I got home OK and safe.

I little Southern Comfort and water later, I was able to finally breathe...