Saturday, July 10, 2010

The 100 DC Artists in the book

Here are the 100 DC area artists whose work will be highlighted, discussed and illustrated in the forthcoming book (tentative title) 100 Washington Artists. Putting this list together was a joint effort between me, several key DC area collectors, a few gallerists and a couple of museum curators. There are three key names missing from the list, all of whom are most deserving of being highlighted anytime that anyone discusses artists from the capital region. Two did not want to be in the book; the other one I wasn't able to contact through email, phone messages and even snail mail (in fact I'm a little worried about her).

In the end, it was a slightly joint effort by about a dozen people, and we all had agendas, and we are were nepotistas and we all had our favorites. In the end, I think that it is a pretty good list that includes the best artists working and living around the capital region (minus the three discussed above) plus a pretty good set of emerging young stars plus a good number of artists who deserve a lot more attention.

More later on the brutal lessons learned in dealing with 100 creative minds and an iron clad deadline. Congratulations to all the 100 folks below, and my apologies to the 1,000 others who deserve to be in this volume. I say "this volume" because the good news is that I have been retained to deliver a second, and possibly a third volume.

Ken Ashton
Joseph Barbaccia
m. gert barkovic
Holly Bass
John Blee
Margaret Boozer
Adam Bradley
Scott G. Brooks
Lisa Montag Brotman
iona rozeal brown
Wayne Edson Bryan
Renee Butler
Judy Byron
Colby Caldwell
Rafael J. Cañizares-Yunez
Chan Chao
Zoe Charlton
William Christenberry
Manon Cleary
Mary Coble
Danny Conant
Kathryn Cornelius
Rosemary Feit Covey
Jeffry Cudlin
Richard Dana
Adam de Boer
Rosetta DeBerardinis
David D’Orio
John Dreyfuss
William Dunlap
Mary Early
Victor Ekpuk
Dana Ellyn
Fred Folsom
Helen Frederick
Rik Freeman
Chawky Frenn
Victoria F. Gaitán
Carol Brown Goldberg
Janis Goodman
Pat Goslee
Muriel Hasbun
Linda Hesh
Jason Horowitz
James Huckenpahler
Melissa Ichiuji
Martha Jackson Jarvis
Michael Janis
Judy Jashinsky
Mark Jenkins
Margarida Kendall Hull
Craig Kraft
Sidney Lawrence
Amy Lin
Barbara Liotta
Malik Lloyd
Laurel Lukaszewski
Maxwell MacKenzie
Akemi Maegawa
James W. Mahoney
Isabel Manalo
Percy Martin
Carolina Mayorga
J.J. McCracken
Donna McCullough
Patrick McDonough
Alexa Meade
Linn Meyers
Maggie Michael
A.B. Miner
Brandon Morse
Lida Moser
Cory Oberndorfer
Byron Peck
Jefferson Pinder
Michael B. Platt
Susana Raab
W.C. Richardson
Marie Ringwald
Nate Rogers
Robin Rose
Erik Sandberg
Matt Sesow
Foom V. Sham
Joe Shannon
Jeff Spaulding
Molly Springfield
Dan Steinhilber
Lou Stovall
Tim Tate
Lisa Marie Thalhammer
Erwin Timmers
Ben Tolman
Kelly Towles
Novie Trump
Frank Warren
Joe White
John Winslow
Colin Winterbottom
Andrew Wodzianski