Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wanna go to a Baltimore Opening?

Wanna go to a Tyson's Corner, VA opening?

Wanna go to a McLean Opening?

Let the drinking begin!

Campello Pinot GrigioNow available everywhere, most notably at Trader Joe's.

Reviews and comments here. For around six bucks it's already getting rave reviews!

Emerge already!

C'mon! Who are your notable emerging artist(s) in your town and area? I give you an opportunity to put a digital footprint for the website of your favorite emerging artist and you folks are hemming me up...

Go here, sign in (it's free) and give us a link to the website of your favorite emerging artist. Then maybe later we'll do a poll and see who emerges as the top 2-3 emerging artists around the nation to keep an eye on...

There may even be a prize or two coming down the road... trust me.