Saturday, October 03, 2015

Artists' Websites: Alma Selimovic

A while back I was the Chief Critiquer in David Mordini's and Sean Hennessey's new event "The Critique" at their Otis Street Art Project space and while there had the opportunity to meet and see the work of one of the resident artists: Alma Selimovic.

I was very impressed by the work of this very young European artist and a recent MFA graduate of the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in Philly and the Academy of Fine Arts, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

In fact, I was so impressed that we plan to bring her work to SOFA Chicago next month... so buy her now!

Superfamily -  Lifesize, 2015 by Alma Selimovic - represented by Alida Anderson Art Projects, LLC
Lifesize, 2015 by Alma Selimovic

You can see more of Alma Selimovic's work here.