Monday, October 19, 2015

DC Alley Museum

The DMV is now becoming known for fresh (non-historic) public art and vibrant mural painting done by our living artists. A coalition of painters from the region have come together and created the DC ALLEY MUSEUM in BLAGDEN ALLEY – opening 24/7 on Friday OCTOBER 30TH in downtown WASHINGTON DC.

Just a few blocks from the now trendy Blagden Alley, there once was a Museum of Temporary Arts, a d.c. space, a Washington Project for the Arts, and in the Shaw neighborhood alley, there were spaces known as The Fight Club, The Warehouse, and Signal 66, not to mention dozens of artists and production businesses like City Lights and Eco Media, all in venues created by artists for the presentation of their work.

The DC ALLEY MUSEUM builds on this tradition in a fresh way while celebrating the temporary nature of outdoor artworks and life. Beginning in 2015 a series of works were commissioned by artists with a history in the Shaw neighborhood and the alley -- BILL WARRELL, LISA MARIE THALHAMMER, ROZEAL BROWN, ANIEKAN UDOFIA, CITA SADELI CHELOVE.

They have created a stunning display of new works painted directly on the garage doors of several buildings. In the coming year more artists will be commissioned from across the city to fill more blank garage doors and walls. The museum will expand to include video documentation of the multi-year project, connecting new generations of artists with some of our city’s “old masters.”

Murals get the artwork of painters out into the public sphere in a uniquely bold and playful way, a great way to educate the public about local artists living and working in their community. Imagine a Museum that features DC artists open 24/7 without restrictions (no hours, no guards, cameras encouraged); welcoming the entire city to stroll or drive through, stop in the LA COLOMBE coffee shop and pick up your postcard/map of the DC ALLEY MUSEUM and join in the art, music and celebration.

This wonderfully serious artwork is made possible with a grant from the D.C. COMMISSION ON THE ARTS AND HUMANITIES • PUBLIC ART BUILDING COMMUNITY PROGRAM and the BLAGDEN ALLEY NEIGHBORS that supply the canvas for some of DCs finest artists.

OR Contact: Lisa Thalhammer or Bill