Friday, January 08, 2010

MIA Day Four - The Weekend begins

0800 - I'm up and about as I need to get some new video cables to see if I can make the digital player work and project Tate's videos onto the wall. First I stop by a new bakery and grab three Capresse empanadas for breakfast. Then I drop by a Radio Shack and get a new video cable. Sounds easy, but it actually involved going to two Radio Shacks and one Office Depot before I found the friggin' video cable.

1100 - I arrive at the Convention Center and start fiddling with the video projector. My hunch was right and the video cable was bad. However, I also discovered that the Digiviewer is also bad. I then hunt down a new Digiviewer to replace the bad one. By the time it is noon the damned thing is finally working and the Ophelia video is projecting onto the booth wall.

1200 - 1800 - Yawn. Somewhere in there I sell an Erwin Timmers recycled glass sculpture.

1820 - Someone is interested in buying my Ophelia drawing, but they can't get over the title association with the character.

1915 - A curator from a Central American museum is interested in seeing how she can get some Sandra Ramos and Tim Tates for the museum. She tells me that the museum has no acquisition funds, which makes the issue an usually difficult one. In this case, however, I happen to have two collectors lined up to donate both Tates and Ramos' to museums who want them (hear that museum curators?). We exchange cards. She apologizes by saying that her National museum is privately funded and they don't get any money from their government. I remind her that in the US all museums are privately funded. She looks a little quizzical until I explain that even though some museums are funded by the federal government, the said government gets its funds from private citizens and private companies, and thus, by extension of my logic, all US museums are privately funded as well, with some having the government as a middle man.

2000 - I sell a Ann Plant sculpture, her second sale of the show, which is her first show ever. First sale of the day.

2100 - Day over; they're expecting a really cold rainy day tomorrow... great.

2130 - Dinner at El Chalal again with Frank and Helen. Great seafood as usual and two good Peruvian beers. Then I head back to Little Havana.

2200 - On the drive home I talk to my daughter Elise, who tells me that she just finished doing a song in a CD and will be in DC and NYC soon to do some promotional work on the radio and on TV. All the others in the CD compilation are big names; very impressive! More on that later.