Wednesday, December 01, 2021

Art Basel Day 3 - The first day of the public opening

Once again, in spite of the fears of the Covidian Age, decent crowds showed up again to the Scope Art Fair in Miami Beach. Today was the day that the fair technically opened to the public - yesterday was the VIP opening.

The brisk sales of the drawings on Bisque continued (they are quite affordable), and by now about half of them are gone.

Campello Bisque Wall at Scope Art Fair

I rea-arranged them so as to put them all onto one and half panels and thus be able to hang more artwork.

WGS Contemporary at SCOPE Art Fair Miami Beach 2021
This gents has returned 3-4 to consider one work

The "interest gage", as I would put it, was also noticeably higher, with loads of interested collectors making the rounds, and we also saw some DMV folks, such as Akemi Maegawa and others.

Artist Tony Porto holding court at Scope Art Fair 2021
Artist Tony Porto holding court

I walked around the fair, trying to (as I always do) select my top 10 booths/artists of the fair.  The spectacular work of DMV artist Mark Jenkins - as always - stands out immediately. Jenkins is without a doubt one of the best-known DMV artists on the planet.

Mark Jenkins artwork at SCOPE Miami Beach 2021
Mark Jenkins artwork at SCOPE Miami Beach 2021

I also liked the spectacular technical skill of the Austrian artist Nychos' artwork with Miris Gallery in booth D01 - this is clearly the work of a master technical "urban/graffiti" artist with almost Renaissance-like painting skills.  Nearly all of his work was sold!

Nychos artwork at Miris Gallery in Scope Miami Beach 2021
Nychos artwork at Miris Gallery

After the fair closed, we headed for Greek food at Poseidon, where we feasted on Greek food... on the way we passed two of most terrifying ATMs on the planet.

Miami Beach's scary ATM