Thursday, March 08, 2007

Sedona Vortex

One of the Sedona Vortexes
A few days ago we hiked up to one of the Vortex sites overlooking Boynton Pass near Sedona.

One to watch

Every once in a while I keep harping about some DC area artists that in my professional opinion, sometimes colored by nepotism and enthusiasm, are not only "must haves" for collectors, but also excellent buys due to their current price points and level of artwork being produced.

Amy Lin is one of those artists that I have been recommending for a while. Her recent last solo at DCAC sold extremely well and now Washingtonian magazine is including her in a forthcoming article on "people to watch" under 40 years of age and they're profiling her for the article.

Venuszine recently also interviewed Amy; read that interview here.

I'm still in Sedona, AZ, and it continues to amaze me. Later today after some hiking I'll be doing some gallery hoping.