Saturday, April 18, 2009

Wanna go to a gallery reception in Alexandria tomorrow?

Multiple Exposures

Mellema on art

Kevin Mellema writes about shows, including the Reclaimed show at Target Gallery in Alexandria's Torpedo Factory.

Nice plug for seminal DC area green artists Erwin Timmers and Adam Bradley in the article here.

Campelloing on...

Proud papa bragging on:

Elise CampelloPeople who work with Campello say her desire to take on challenging roles is evidence of another essential quality among successful actors. It’s why she landed a recent role with the Seattle’s 5th Avenue Theatre’s Touring company, and why she has upcoming roles with theaters in Issaquah and Olympia.

“She has a lot of drive,” said Jon Rake, managing artistic director of TMP. “She’s gonna go places. She has a lot of talent. She takes it seriously.”
Read a profile on my daughter Elise Campello by Paige Richmond here.

I'd like to see her audition for some roles in Washington, DC soon.

Before Robinson there was Estalella

We all, not just athletes or baseball fans, owe a tremendous debt to Jackie Robinson. Not only because of Major League baseball integration, but more importantly, because of the significant advancement of race relations worldwide that was the real aftermath of his actions during and after his baseball career. His sacrifices must never be forgotten or diminished, and Robinson was and will always be a hero, not just for Americans, but for mankind.

But sooner or later history must record that he wasn't the first black man to play in the Major Leagues. I've discussed this here before, and have this entire project ongoing on the subject. That website always gets me interesting emails, and in a most recent one I received this terrific poem on the subject:

Roberto Estalella
By Joe Hernandez

Before Jackie Robinson came to the Majors
Roberto Estalella was already there
Before you argue and want to wager
Let the historical facts make you aware

Roberto played for the Washington Senators in 1935
His ancestry were of white and black folks
That is twelve years before Jackie "arrived"
This is the plain truth, this is no hoax

Powerfully built Cuban slugger was he
With a lifetime batting average of .282
Played as an outfielder for all to see
The first black in the Majors that no one knew

How ironic that a black foreigner first played
In the Major Leagues in front of all
This is the truth historians evade
A truth that must be admitted by Major League Baseball

Roberto Estalella broke the color barrier
We need to recognize this and say
Although Jackie was the carrier
Of all the hatred that was on display

But baseball must be honest about its past
With no intention of deceit
This dishonesty cannot last
If it expects to deal with those that cheat

Tell the truth of Roberto Estalella
Jackie Robinson will still have his place
You need to remember this "fella"
And not lie about him or his race

Jackie and Roberto would think of it as a disgrace
That their true story has not been embraced
That they were both of the Negro race
And this lie of who was first must be erased

Laurel Lukaszewski

"When you're working in clay," says Laurel Lukaszewski, "you'd have a tough time if you worry about breakage."
Read the WaPo profile on DC artist Laurel Lukaszewski here.

Achilles Heel

"I often wonder how other galleries are dealing with artists who have gallery representation but continue to self-promote. I have been known to secret shop gallery represented artists. I contact them through their emails on their personal websites and inquire as to whether they have any studio pieces available. Not once has an artist directed me to his or her galleries for purchases.

I fear galleries will dry up if they don’t smarten up. Then where will collectors go to see art in person?”
The above from comments by gallery owner Carrie Horejs. Read them here.

A Window on Fine Craft

Yesterday's Washington Post's Weekend section had the kind of arts coverage that a city can only dream of... it covered the coming Crafts Week DC extravaganza that I mentioned last week.

Details here.

P.S. "The Crafts Whisperer..." (sounds of Lenny laughing...)

Wanna go to a Maryland opening tomorrow?

Opening Reception, Sunday, April 19th, 6-8 PM at Photoworks Gallery, in gorgeous Glen Echo Park, MD. Work by Rob Grant, Gary Jimerfield, and Scott Grant. Through May 17, 2009.

Photoworks Gallery
7300 MacArthur Boulevard
Glen Echo, Maryland 20812