Thursday, July 18, 2019

Review of my current solo show

He has examined insular communities from the Galician Massif to the Hasid in Brooklyn, incorporated the Mexican artist Frieda Kahlo into his work (just before a movie about her life took the world by storm) and depicted Che Guevera, the controversial, and revolutionary, physician, author, activist, guerrilla leader and diplomat who, Campello labeled somewhat dismissively in his show as “T-shirt man” because of his unlikely pop-icon status. Fantasy, reality, romanticism and realism — Campello centers his art deeply in context, whether it’s special lighting, revealing code or multimedia interactive experience. 
“The main piece in this show is, at least for me, my up-to-date culmination of the incorporation of technology,” he said. “What you see is the back of a woman in a museum, looking at two pieces of artwork on the wall — every five seconds a new portrait pops up — famous artists, politicians— and hidden in the middle of the piece is a spy camera, so as you approach the work, you staring at it becomes part of that portrait gallery. You now are the artwork.”
Read the whole cool piece by Chris Slattery here

Call to Maryland artists!

This September, Maryland Art Place (MAP) in partnership with the Maryland State Art Council (MSAC) will host a statewide juried exhibition curated by a panel of jurors to highlight the wide range of artists and artwork featured on the Maryland State Arts Council Artist Registry. The exhibition will take place at Maryland Art Place located at 218 West Saratoga St. from September 19 – November 10th. All Maryland artists who reside within the state are eligible and encouraged to apply. To be considered for the exhibition you must reside in Maryland, have a Maryland State Arts Council Artist Registry profile, and have created or updated your registry profile on or between the dates of June 26, 2019 – July 20, 2019. Please note: In order for an artist profile to be visible on the registry at least one image must be uploaded; otherwise your profile will be invisible and unsuitable for review/consideration. 

To join the registry please visit :

 How It Works:
Create or update an artist profile on the Maryland Artist Registry between the dates of June 26 – July 20, 2019. Artists may add up to 6 images, sound or video files (3 minutes max of sound or video will be viewed per artist). All media (including literary arts) will be considered with a heavy emphasis placed on visual and performing arts. When adding artwork users are required to include size, dimensions, and titles. It is advantageous to upload artwork that is recent and currently available. If selected for the exhibition the work must be available throughout the duration of the show from September 19 - November 10th. For questions or help creating your Registry Profile please contact Caitlin Gill:


Dr. Susan J. Isaacs 
Jeremy Stern

Ada Pinkston
Hoesy Corona
Laure Drogoul


Dates For Open Call: 
Wednesday, June 26 – Saturday, July 20
AMENDED: Notification of Selection Sent Out:
Tuesday, August 13, 2019
Performance artists will be contacted before September 1st with an invitation to participate.
Artwork Drop Off:
Tuesday, September 3rd– Saturday, September 7th
Exhibition Dates: 
Thursday, September 19th – Sunday, November 10th
Artwork Pick Up:
Tuesday, September 12th – Saturday, November 16th