Wednesday, December 18, 2019

The curious case of the new art gallery at Union Station

Earlier this month I was excited to announce that a new art gallery had opened in the historic and gorgeous building at Union Station in DC.

The gallery, called LOVE ALL SERVE ALL on the Mezzanine, the 2nd floor on the right as one goes up the curved stairs after passing through the Grand Hall... next to Andrews Ties, and it is 2640 square feet.  

It is the labor of love of local DMV artist Amy Marx, a well-known and quite accomplished painter on her own right.

LOVE ALL SERVE ALL Gallery in Union Station
Apparently, even as I write this post, I am being told that Marx is being kicked out of the space!  She notes in a text that last night she was "escorted out of the gallery by seven police... why that was necessary I have no idea... I have no idea period. I still have no idea why this is happening... it's an art gallery..."

I have no idea either, but it is curious to me that a new art space opens in one of the capital's most iconic buildings, and a couple of weeks later the owner of the new art gallery is being escorted out? Sounds like something that The Washington City Paper or The Washington Post should be looking into?

More later as this develops...