Thursday, July 09, 2009


I chickened out at 140 MPH last night on I-395 about 9:45PM. The little two seater that I got (an Eclipse) is supposed to go up to 160, and as I was all alone in the desert, I punched it and took it to around 140 before I slowed it down.

I drove back from San Diego and I am now in that blast furnace of a town known as Ridgecrest, California.

It is so hot.

Stimulus Closing Reception tomorrow

Head to Nevin Kelly Gallery in DC on Friday, July 10th for the closing reception of "Stimulus," a group exhibition of works by local artists meant to stimulate the mind and the economy. All works in the show are priced at $500 or less, many at limited-opportunity prices. Closing reception from 6-8PM.

Participating artists include John M. Adams, Sondra N. Arkin, Joan Belmar, Tanja Bos, Anne Bouie, Molly Brose, Mary Chiaramonte, Anna U. Davis, Jenny Davis, Thomas Drymon, Stirling Elmendorf, Pat Goslee, Emily Greene Liddle, Laurel Hausler, Eve Hennessa, J. Ford Huffman, Rosalind Kennedy, Mark Parascandola, Anneliese Sullivan, Ming Yi Sung Zaleski, Ruth Trevarrow, Claudia Vess, Ellyn Weiss and the kid.

Show runs through July 11. Go buy some art!