Saturday, July 23, 2011

Book Release Party Pics

Artists Alexa Meade, Victoria F. Gaitán, Alberto Gaitán and gallerist Andrea Pollan

Artsee's Elizabeth Grazioli, and artists Judy Byron anj J.J. McCracken with ubercollector Steven Krensky in the distant background

Artists Jeff Spaulding and Ben Tolman

Artists Lisa Montag Brotman and Margarida Kendall-Hull

Artist Amy Lin
Artist Amy Lin (foreground) and photographer Lida Moser, ubercollector Fred Ognibene and photographer Colin Winterbottom in the background

Lida Moser
The amazing photographer Lida Moser

Artists Rosetta deBerardinis and Carolina Mayorga
Artists Rosetta deBerardinis and Carolina Mayorga

Artists Victor Ekpuk and Helen Frederick signing books

Video sculptor Tim Tate and artist Michael Janis (background), artist Helen Frederick signing the book for ubercollectors Gisela and Benjamin Huberman

Conner Contemporary Academy 2011

At the end of the party... a gorgeous piece of art - part of Conner's current Academy 2011 show.

A million thanks to Leigh and Jamie: This is what community is all about and this is what DC is all about!

Release Day

100 Artists of Washington, DCThe 100 Washington, DC Artists book is officially out today!

Tune in later for pics from the book release opening party at Conner Contemporary.