Sunday, December 03, 2017

ABMB Week: Delivery day - Sunday

Delivery of the artwork to the Context Art Miami fair came somewhat easier that I had imagined... after all this is a new spot, and over the last few years we had the old Wynwood location all figured out.

I arrived around 8 AM and was allowed to park right on site, while Audrey Wilson and Erwin Timmers (both of whom are showing their work with us in booth C225) drove the rented giant cargo van hauling my work, Ric Garcia's, Elissa Farrow-Savos, J. Jordan Bruns, Amy Lin, Amy Marx and Dulce Pinzon.

Needless to say, even that giant beast from planet Enterprise was full to the gills... all photos either by Jordan or Audrey.

The big vans and delivery trucks first have to go to the Marshaling Yard, about 4 blocks away from the actual fair site. After the security check-in the trucks file into the actual fair site, and the unloading dance starts - by the way, Audrey scores a primo Doris Day parking spot, right by the entrance!

We begin to unload, and then to hang. To start, Laura Beth Konopinski is unpacking and hanging Amy Lin's work, Audrey is hanging Davin Ebanks work, and I am hanging my own.

About 12 hours later, most of the booth is hung, around two PM, J. Jordan Bruns had arrived from the airport, quickly put up his work and then began to help everyone else... teamwork.

At the public spaces wall, our sponsored artist, Edwin Baker III is also working hard hanging his work. I swing by together with fair director Julian Navarro and we give Ed some good constructive criticism - he's hung the work waaaaay too high.

EBIII is a good learner (and an excellent artist, and clearly a hard worker) and he begins to un-hang the work, lower it, and re-hang it.

Back at the booth, LBK begins to set up and hang the shelves upon which her amazing work will be displayed. Once they're up for the first time, they have to come down too... the "two high" bug bites again - all part of the learning process. BTW, those gorgeous figurative pieces are Audrey Wilson's new work.

Audrey then hangs all the work by Amy Lin - super easy job for a hanging pro like AW.

After the first day, I head out to Miami beach to check in on my aunt - on the way I pass through a Sunpass check-point, which are like cash collection points for non-Floridians...

Small bill coming from Sunpass, giant bill coming from Enterprise, who tacks on a huge bill to the Sunpass charge... not sure how they can get away with that.