Sunday, December 09, 2012

Aqua: The Last Day

100,000 Eyes by Jeannette L. Herrera, represented by Alida Anderson Art ProjectsSunday, being the last day of the fair, is usually a dreadful day - especially bad if you've had a bad fair and now have to face the brutal realities of packing out, the harsh dance of loading artwork on double parked vans, trucks and cars along one of the world's worst traffic streets...

But this art fair has been a great one, and that always makes things - even packing and loading - a little better to swallow. I am also lucky to have had the help of several DMV artists (and their spouses) plus my hard working intern, to make this Sunday pack-out the best one ever.

My cool intern even managed to dance the gallery van into a primo loading spot, once we were ready to haul back and load the van for the drive back to the DMV.

Between my last report on mid Saturday and tonight, sales continued to be brisk, as we sold two nice Jeannette L. Herrera paintings, two of British artist Simon Monk paintings, one more of my video drawings and several other "regular" drawings as well as three paintings by the ubertalented DMV artist Judith Peck.

We also sold a cool Andrew Wodzianski painting as the DMV's leading performancer/interdisciplinary artist returns to painting.

And a last minute sale of a glass piece by the DMV's first green artist, Erwin Timmers, to a Canadian gallery owner, finished what is easily the best (as far as fun and sales) art fair that I have ever done.

Thank you to all the DMV area artists and collectors and dealers who dropped by to say hello during these hectic and fun days.

The gallery intern is driving the van back, we're home safe and now time to think about the New York fairs early next year!