Friday, June 21, 2013

Reworking Eve

I seldom do this, but after framing "Eve Sees Her Face for the First Time" and looking at it for a few days, I decided to re-work the pond/water area. Here's the final version heading to Glenn Aber Contemporary in New York for the fairs at the Hamptons.

This is an experimental public artwork that uses social media to create this final work of art. The concept is to offer a path to develop a collaborative effort between the artist and other people. 
The video drawing “Eve Sees Her Face for the First Time” showcases the faces of about 75 women from all over the world. When this piece was conceived, I put out a call via Facebook for women of all ages, ethnicities and races to send him an image of their faces for inclusion in the piece. 
The call went viral on Facebook and over 1,000 images of women came from all over the world (and are still coming!). This work contains about 75 rotating images of the first woman. Additionally, the piece can continue to “grow” and the collector of this piece has the option to continue to add more faces to the piece via an included USB connector, if so desired, and thus become a “contributor” to the work.

My next step with this series is to create the next piece with the ability to log onto the Internet and via Facebook (once the owner logs it into his/her Facebook account) to search for the Facebookian women who have given permission and donated their faces to the project.

I am in the process of beginning working with Facebook developers to have them create a "permission" that can be recognized by my work, so that it can "grab" the permitted image and insert it into the artwork.

Eve Sees Her Face for the First Time
Charcoal and Conte with Embedded Electronics
32 x 20 inches and framed to 40.5 x 28.5 inches

Previous version of the piece