Saturday, February 01, 2014

Campello Seahawks Salsa

That's a big ass sized bowl of my world famous (cough, cough) mango cilantro salsa... Marinating for a day so that it is ready to celebrate the Seahawks' victory tomorrow...

If it looks kinda orange is because of either all the mango juice in it or the fact that it predicts the ass whooping that the Seahawks are about to unleash on the Broncos tomorrow... they will make salsa out of them!

1 Large can of tomato sauce - the BIG can
1 can of mango juice (Goya is best)
1 entire bunch of cilantro, all chopped up
1/3 can of corn
1 chopped (small pieces) cucumber
1 chopped (tiny pieces) sweet onion
a lot of chopped garlic
About ten pieces of chopped frozen mango 
10 shakes of paprika
A few shakes of crushed red pepper
Juice from one lemon or one lime or both
Add a lot of hot sauce to your taste - Cubans don't eat spicy foods, so my version is pretty tame... sometimes I add chopped olives stuffed with pimentos, but that's an acquired taste... you can also add chopped up pineapple and/or peaches if you like a fruitier version.

Sometimes I add some beer to it... sometimes a little wine vinegar.

Go Hawks!