Friday, September 04, 2009

The Art Consultant Is In

Allison Marvin has made a career out of helping people do just that. She is the founder of Sightline, an art consulting business started in 2004. Marvin works with clients across the country, helping them navigate the art world and offering guidance on buying works for their homes and offices. She also leads tours of art spaces and introduces beginning and seasoned collectors to galleries and dealers.

... Marvin recently spoke to us from her home office about collecting, hanging and framing art, and where to go to find it in the first place.
Read the WaPo article on Marvin and her advice here.

Marvin has some really good solid advice, but I find it interesting that in listing the resources, and I know that newsprint space is an issue, that Marvin left out her own backyard's galleries in Bethesda, and no mention of Georgetown or R Street, or the various artists cooperatives (since price point was a focus of the piece) and for that matter the Torpedo Factory. If she's not aware of these places she's missing some of the best priced good artwork around town. But I bet she had a list three pages long which was culled by the WaPo to the 2-3 best-known galleries DC, all great spaces by the way.

Framing? Average cost for a custom framer in the DC area is about $70 an hour for labor on top of the materials' cost. Is there such thing as an affordable custom framer?

You bet! Drop me a note and I'll refer you to the most affordable custom framer in the area - prices are about 75% cheaper than any other framer in the capital region... and I've tried them all for years before I found this most affordable joint, just a few minutes from 495. And when I say 75% I am not exaggerating... just ask all the photographers who do the annual DCist Exposed show. Example: Custom matted and framed photo to a 16x20 inches size, black metal Nielsen moulding under glass, pH-balanced acid free white museum mat and pH-balanced, acid free foam core backing board: $25-$30 bucks, not $100 or $150 which is what you'll pay at most other custom framers around the nation.

Talking about decorating... decorating a baby's room is somewhat of an issue for someone like me. Having been forced to look at dozens of saccharine sweet animal prints and reproductions for the baby's room, I decided to create my own saccharine sweet baby paintings for Anderson's room; at least he'll have original artwork on the walls:

Anderson Elephant by F. Lennox Campello

Andersonphant, Acrylic on Canvas. 24 x 24 inches. Circa 2009

Anderson Monkey

Anderson Monkey, Acrylic on Canvas. 24 x 24 inches. Circa 2009