Sunday, May 28, 2006

Last week, a reader asked the Weekend staff to consider this really good suggestion/question:

McLean, Va.: How can the Weekend section give out a little more info on gallery shows, etc.? It seems like a lot of space is used to list page after page of museum shows (a lot of which are static and never change) on every issue ...

How about a once a month museum listing like you do now, and the other three weeks only list those museum shows that are new or opening (like you do with galleries).

That would free up additional space to discuss (maybe mini reviews) more art gallery shows ...

Bottom line is that the static museum listing, issue after issue ... seems a little "dusty" and that whole part of Weekend may need to re "re-freshed" -- We're starving for more art reviews out here ...

Aficionado de Arte
I thought that this was a good suggestion and I wish that I had thought of the idea, which is a good workable suggestion to "free up" static space in the section for more art coverage.

But then witness how the suggestion itself is ignored in the response:
Curt Fields: More art reviews would be nice. We also hear from people who want more on Classical music, theater events, etc. And we'd love to write more on all those topics. Unfortunately the amount of space we have is not unlimited. It's a tricky juggling act.
With all due respect, did Mr. Fields read the question/suggestion?

We know that the "amount of space" is not unlimited! But the suggestion offered a way to "free up" space. And yet he ignored that part and gave the canned "we have limited space and everyone wants us to cover their pet interests" answer.

So: How's the suggestion itself (as far as an idea to "free up" more space?

By the way there's a LOT more print space devoted each Weekend to music and theatre than to the visual arts: a LOT more!

Girlz Cook-Out

Candy Keegan and the other artists from the group known as the Girlz Club are having a Happy Hour and cookout this coming Friday, June 2 at Wolfarth Galleries from 4-8PM. They are currently all exhibiting at Wolfarth in a group show called Mixology which runs through the 6th.

Wohlfarth Galleries is located at 3418 9th Street, NE in Washington, DC, 1/2 block from Brookland/CUA red line metro and across 9th Street from Colonel Brook's Tavern. Details and info at 202-526-8022.

Bring something!


Today I am in the process of jurying artwork submitted via CD ROMS for the art competition.

Here's a bit of mathematics for 98% of the artists who sent in a CD ROM and a business-sized stamped and self-addressed envelope for the return of the CD ROM: A CD ROM does NOT fit in a business sized envelope!

Kahlo sets record

The sale of Frida Kahlo´s self-portrait, “Roots” sold for $5.6 million dollars at an auction held by Sotheby´s. This sets a record for the most expensive Latin American painting sold at an auction.

Read the details here.