Saturday, November 26, 2011

Manon Cleary (1942-2011)

Just heard a few hours ago that my good friend Manon Cleary, by far one of the DMV's top artists, passed away today. More on this amazing artist later; meanwhile that's her last August, in a great photo by Rebecca D'Angelo.


Manon Cleary

The Nude in DC Book

The Nude in DC: The Figurative Art Scene in the Greater Washington Metropolitan Area is a new book and it features:

Over 50 institutions that deal with the nude in art - not just names and address, but descriptions, including history of some, website, logo - a full 28 pages on this feature alone.

Full text of The Art of Modeling, used for Model Training Program for Figure Models Guild.

A narrative on the nude in art, as well as society in general. Insightful information presented as an argument to counter conservative bias against nudity in general.

Includes a DVD with photos covering the Figure Models Guild since its inception in 2002 as well as many art exhibits and special events.

Also includes over 20 articles in Washington Post, Washington City Paper, Montgomery Advocate and other print media. Also video by Reuters News Service and numerous online publications including The, New York Arts Magazine, Artists-Perspectives, and too many to name. Includes several video clips, including Richard Takeuchi painting nude model in July 2004 exhibit - well over 2,000 images - worth the price alone.
The package is $20, including book and disc; or $15 individually. Payment may be by check made out to David R. Quammen, or PayPal - account Free Delivery - or pick up at gallery with prior notification. Proceeds will go to help fund MOCA DC.

Allow 10 days for delivery

David R. Quammen
1054 31st St NW
Washington, DC 20007

In Eff-el-Lay

In Miami, getting ready to do some family-visiting before heading out to Miami Beach to check out the Aqua Hotel and tomorrow begin the unloading and set up for the fair.

Artnet has a good preview of the fairs here.